THE ROLE OF FEAR, Chapter II – Let Jesus Fuck You!


The Role Of Fear  is a series of video-installations structured as an essay; divided in chapters and complemented with “Appendices”, which are the interviews and experiments accomplished during the investigation process.

Every chapter is displayed in a separated installation along with its Appendices in full length in order to make visible their relation and relevance.

Besides analyzing the poltergeist phenomenon in science, horror-films and Mexican superstition, in Let Jesus Fuck You! I narrate my own encounters with this peculiar phenomenon as an adolescent and ventilate some of the questions that even after 20 years remain partially unanswered.

The Role Of Fear – Chapter II – Let Jesus Fuck You!  
documentary video-installation
Full HD | color | stereo | 27′ | aspect ratio 16:9

Installation view

Demonic Possession – Appendix 1
interview with the psychologist and exorcist Ph.D Reverend Pietro Randazzo. Recorded in Mantua, Italy
Full HD | colour | stereo | 8′ 39″ | aspect ratio 16:9

Appendix – Tarot Reading by Alejandro Jodorowsky
Consulting the Tarot at  “Le Téméraire”, Paris, France
Full HD | color | stereo | 10′ 50″ | aspect ratio 16:9


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