THE ROLE OF FEAR, Chapter II - Let Jesus Fuck You!

THE ROLE OF FEAR, Chapter II – Let Jesus Fuck You!

The Role Of Fear – Let Jesus Fuck You! – Chapter II
documentary video-installation
Full HD | color | stereo | 27′ | aspect ratio 16:9

Besides analyzing the poltergeist phenomenon in science, horror-films and Mexican superstition, in Let Jesus Fuck You! I narrate my own encounters with this peculiar phenomenon as an adolescent and ventilate some of the questions that even after 20 years remain partially unanswered.

Installation view

Due to its extension and scope The Role Of Fear  is structured as an essay; divided in chapters and complemented with “Appendices”, which are the interviews and experiments accomplished during the investigation process. Every chapter is displayed in a separated installation along with its Appendices in full length in order to make visible their relation and relevance.

Demonic Possession – Appendix 1 of 2
interview with the psychologist and exorcist Ph.D Reverend Pietro Randazzo. Mantua, Italy
Full HD | colour | stereo | 8′ 39″ | aspect ratio 16:9

Appendix – Tarot Reading
Consulting the Tarot at  “Le Téméraire”, Paris, France
Full HD | color | stereo | 10′ 50″ | aspect ratio 16:9

Thanks to: HBK, Braunschweig / Corinna Schnitt / Ingo Schulz / Matties & Söhne / Niedersächsisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kultur / KHM, Köln / Chemical Marriage / Private Culture / MEM1  / Jan Hinz / Dueker / BenzinpAnk / Institut für Grenzgebiete der Psychologie und Psychohygiene / Filmbüro Bremen / Vincent Zucca / Sylvia Franzmann